እንጀራ :  በወጥ::

እንጀራ :  በወጥ::

Despite back-to-back droughts that took the lives of hundreds or thousands of Ethiopians and left many more to starve, combined with colossal social and economic crises and political challenges over the past 40 years, Ethiopia is still one of the most remarkable countries in Africa, perhaps in the world.  

A country of old culture, full of old stories and captivating mythologies which can be told and retold for generations to come. Ethiopia’s long and rich history can be traced back to the beginnings of humankind. Appealing antiquities, spectacular wonders, such as Axsum, the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, the Castles of Gondar, Awash Lower Valley paleontological and prehistoric sites, where Lucy was discovered, the ancient city of Harar and many more… makes this old country a must to visit in one’s lifetime. 

Ethiopia is a resilient country with whole-heartdly kind, self-assuredly proud and resilient people and remains to be one of the safest and hospitable nations in the world. And, the prospect of economic growth, social and economic stability is promising for this ancient country placed in the horn of Africa.

                     A Country with 13 Months of Sunshine

                 Has Never Been Colonized

                 The Birth Place of African Union

                 The Birth Place of Ancient Human “Lucy” 

                 Birth Place of Coffee​

                      ​​Everything Began Here!​​​​​